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The Covid-19 pandemic
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Rwanda’s new knowledge economy

Laying the foundations for Rwanda’s new knowledge economy The Government of Rwanda’s efforts to rebuild the country’s economy put technological innovation at the centre. With increasing numbers of foreign investors being attracted into Rwanda as the ‘go-to’ business hub in the region, intellectual property reforms are so that Rwandans truly benefit as producers and consumers. […]

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Environmental Law in Ethiopia

Foundation for a Sustainable Future Ethiopia is a pioneer in shaping a climate-resilient green economy. To realise this requires a very substantial reform of laws and institutions – to protect natural capital, to manage it sustainably, to increase peoples’ benefits from it, and to halt its degradation. This note tells the story of OPF working […]

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Achieving change through partnerships

A Most Significant Change study conducted by the Oxford Policy Fellowship finds that Fellows who are successful at contributing to impact are flexible and respond to a clear need, that they have built trusting relationships with colleagues, and that their supervisors are good managers with strategic vision. Success also depends on there being broad support […]

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Top ten tips for negotigation

Tips from the Oxford Policy Fellowship’s experience Governments of low- and middle-income countries are often faced with negotiations that seem lopsided: rich, international investors, armed with a team of expensive lawyers and seemingly infinite resources, up against government departments with stretched financial and human resources. To address this asymmetry, this article compiles some negotiation tips […]

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Learning from the Oxford Policy Fellowship

Emerging policy messages from a year of data Embedded technical assistance (TA) has long been a model for support to government institutions in low- and middle-income countries. It is often seen as comparatively better positioned to develop capacity compared to short-term ‘fly in, fly out’ types of support. However, despite its established role in international […]

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