Our policies

Our policies

Reporting a concern/whistleblowing

How to report a concern about an incident that happened in the past, is happening now, or you believe will happen in the near future.

We are committed to the highest standards of ethical conduct and integrity in our business activities. All employees and all individuals acting for or on behalf of the Oxford Policy Fellowship anywhere in the world, are expected to conduct themselves professionally and within the law. However, all organisations face the risk of things going wrong from time to time, or of unknowingly harbouring illegal or unethical conduct. A culture of openness and accountability is essential in order to prevent such situations occurring and to address them when they do occur.

To support and encourage openness and transparency and to facilitate reporting of concerns, OPML Group has engaged Expolink, an external organisation to receive whistleblowing reports on behalf of OPML Group.

You can report a concern at any time about an incident that happened in the past, is happening now, or you believe will happen in the near future.

Concerns that may be raised include (but are not limited to) criminal activity (including financial fraud or mismanagement; bribery and corruption); a health and safety concern; damage to the environment; negligence; breach of our policies and procedures; conduct likely to damage our reputation; unauthorised disclosure of confidential information; the deliberate concealment or covering up of any wrongdoing; conflict of interest; human trafficking; slavery; terrorism funding, and safeguarding concerns.

When you report a concern you are encouraged to provide your contact details so that you can be updated on the status of your report and contacted in case any further information is necessary. Your information will be treated in confidence. You are able to remain completely anonymous if that is your preference but this may impede the investigation of your concern.

You can contact Expolink to report your concern by:

As Oxford Policy Fellowship is funded by the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (formerly Department for International Development), you can also report all suspicions or allegations of aid diversion, fraud, money laundering or counter terrorism finance to the Counter Fraud and Whistleblowing Unit (CFWU) at reportingconcerns@fcdo.gov.ukor on +44 (0)1355 843747