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Transitioning to renewable energy in Africa

Governments will need well-qualified and knowledgeable public sector lawyers to ensure their legislativeframeworks for renewable and accessible energy are robust to current and future needs. OPF, in collaboration with ILI-SACE, developed a new course that would transfer these skills to African public sector lawyers to help them manage the legal issues of the transition. Image […]

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Transitioning to renewable energy in Sierra Leone

By harnessing its significant unexploited potential for renewable energy generation, SierraLeone has the opportunity to transform its economy and the livelihoods and health of itspeople. A properly adapted legal framework – with the capacity required to implement it –can smooth the transition to renewables and help attract the substantial investment thatthis will require. Photo by […]

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Transitioning to renewable energy in Malawi

Approximately 85% of Malawi’s population remains without access to electricity. Providinginclusive access to renewable energy would transform the livelihoods of most of its ruralpopulation and increase agricultural yields and resilience. With some adjustments to itslegal system (and developing the capacity required to implement it), Malawi will be able toattract the significant investment required to make […]

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Building Strong Public-Private Partnerships in Djibouti

and a new unit to manage them Djibouti’s economy has historically benefitted from its strategic location, but despite recent economic growth, poverty remains the country’s most compelling development challenge. Aiming to reduce it, Djibouti’s government launched Vision 2035, an ambitious strategy to transform the republic into an international and regional economic power capable of securing […]

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Laying the Building Blocks

Strengthening Ethiopia’s Public Private Partnership Legal Framework As with other other developing countries, Ethiopia faces challenges in achieving infrastructure development at a fast enough pace to meet the needs of its citizens. In 2011, the World Bank estimated that Ethiopia has an annual infrastructure funding gap of 3.5 billion US dollars. The government of Ethiopia […]

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Quality education for all in Ghana

Unblocking legislative bottlenecks It is always an exciting time for a child when they start senior school. Yet it is also a worrying time. In Ghana, when one girl sadly lost her mother when she was still in Junior High School, a school which has been part of Ghana’s universal free public education programme for […]

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Boosting private sector investment in Zambia’s infrastructure

The role of an improved PPP Department One of Zambia’s ambitions is to become a hub of economic development in the Southern Africa region. The government is, however, keenly aware that its infrastructure and service delivery need major improvements to make it possible for business and enterprise to thrive and boost economic growth. Like most […]

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Getting money to where it matters

Shaping a new institution for Liberia’s environmental projects Tackling climate change is consequently a national priority. The Government of Liberia (GoL) wants to build the resilience of climate-sensitive sectors and livelihoods, integrating climate change planning into all its development pillars and building the government’s capacity for effective climate change governance. These ambitions are set out […]

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Powering the lift-off from poverty

Energy sector reform in Ethiopia Ethiopia is home to one of the fastest growing economies in the world, with an average growth rate of 10% since 2005. Yet, it remains one of the planet’s poorest countries, where about 24% of the population lived under the poverty line in 2015-16. To tackle this challenge, the Ethiopian […]

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