Trading out of Poverty, into Wealth and Prosperity

Strengthening Uganda’s Trade and Industrial Policy Landscape

Transporting bananas on a lorry in Uganda

Uganda’s trade policy objective, ‘Trading out of Poverty, Into Wealth and Prosperity’, seeks to create real wealth for its people. The country’s new 5-year plan, the third National Development Plan (NDP III) 2020/21-2024/25, looks to ‘sustainable industrialization’ as a way to reach middle-income status1. This entails adopting strategies for agro-industrialization, fast-tracking oil, gas and mineral-based industrialization, import replacement and promotion of local manufacturing, export promotion, harnessing tourism potentials, and increasing local content participation. This note tells the story of how a new relationship between the Oxford Policy Fellowship (OPF) and the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives has built the foundation for a strong legal capacity to implement this ambitious trade and industry policy.

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A story on how a strengthened legal capacity has enabled Uganda’s trade laws and policies.

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