Current Support

The Fellowship’s development would not have been possible without substantial support from Oxford Policy Management. The programme is a product of OPM’s mission to better serve governments in developing countries in public policy reform in order to improve development outcomes across a wide range legal and socio-economic sectors.

The UK’s Department for International Development is currently the core funder of the Fellowship Programme. The Fellowship is also grateful for the additional donations from institutions and individuals that allow us to pursue specific specific postings and provide a higher level of service to government partners.

Contributions for the programme also come from our government partners, which provide local level civil servant salaries to Fellows.


About OPM

OPM is one of the world’s leading international policy development and management consultancies. We enable strategic decision-makers in the public and private sector to identify and implement sustainable solutions for reducing social and economic disadvantage in low- and middle-income countries.

Supported by a multinational team of more than 200 specialists on three continents, our success is based on a unique combination of high-quality analysis and 30 years’ practical experience of facilitating positive change in over 120 countries worldwide. The fields in which we operate range from health, education and the extractive industries through to public sector finance and administration, social welfare, and national statistical systems and household surveys.