Request a fellow

The Oxford Law and Policy Fellowship provides governments with a new kind of legal technical assistance.

We place junior professionals in government ministries for two years, freeing up significant time and resource for senior officials. We are now starting the second year of the programme, and would welcome the opportunity to work with more government counterparts who see value in such support.

These are just some of the activities Fellows might support with:

  • Conducting legal research, from specific contract terms to broader options for regulatory framework design;
  • Bridging the gap between policymakers and legal departments;
  • Supporting policy initiatives with appropriate legislative and regulatory frameworks;
  • Liaising with donor-funded short-term senior legal technical assistance.

Being part of the Fellowship gives you access to a wider international network. Government managers and their Fellows will be invited to our annual knowledge-sharing conference where they will have the opportunity to share experiences and discuss any similar challenges, as well as to interact with policy specialists from academia, the British Government, and the private sector.