About the process & Requirements

The programme’s administration has been tested and further refined during the pilot to provide governments with the highest calibre candidates.

Recruitment involves extensive vetting, which has been designed to reflect both the technical and soft-skill needs of individual governments.

To start, a government ministry or agency can request a Fellow for a two-year posting in their institution.

  • Request a Fellow

    To place a request for a Fellow, or to discuss the Fellowship and how we could work with your Ministry, please feel free to contact us at: info@policyfellowship.org

    Once a request has been placed, we will work together to ensure that the candidate we recruit provides the best fit for your office.

  • Recruit

    We will assist in the development of a Terms of Reference following your request, and will then proceed with recruitment. We have developed a robust recruitment process to ensure that we only come to you with the candidates best suited to your posting. We will provide you with a shortlist of suitable candidates for you to make the final selection.

  • Fellow Hired

    Following the candidate’s confirmation that they will take up the post; your ministry and the Fellow will sign a contract of employment.

  • Arrive in country

    Once the Fellow is in-country, they are an employee of your government. The Fellowship will provide logistical and pastoral support to Fellows throughout their placements.

For more information about how the Fellowship can work for you and your Ministry, email us at info@policyfellowship.org

Key Dates:
February 20, 2016 Deadline for governments’ expression of interest for a Fellow, with preliminary terms of reference.
May - June 2016 The Fellowship team gathers shortlisted CVs for governments’ consideration and makes country visits to discuss postings.
Late September 2016 Fellows arrive in-post.