Current Fellows

Two cohorts of Fellows have now taken up their posts in government ministries across East, West and Southern Africa.

Our Fellows are posted in a range of African ministries: from finance and trade, through planning, to energy and environment. Our Fellows not only fill immediate gaps in the ministry, but also to build the local capacity in the longer term.

2015 to 2017 cohort

Left to right: Vanessa Fullerton, Ministry of Finance in Djibouti (2015 - 2017); Sarah Brewin, Ministry of Trade and Industry in Rwanda (2015 - 2017); Magalie Masamba, Ministry of Finance in Zanzibar (2015 - 2017); Vinitha Johnson, Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources in Rwanda (2015 - 2016).

2016 to 2018 cohort

Top, left to right: David Kienzler, Ministry of Lands, Water, Energy and Environment in Zanzibar (2016 - 2018); and, James Cooper, TBC in Sierra Leone (2016 - 2018). Bottom, left to right: Rose Mosi, Attorney-General's Office in Namibia (2016 - 2018); Joanna Venkov, Ministry of Finance and Economic Cooperation in Ethiopia (2016 - 2018); Nyaguthii Maina, Ministry of Environment and Tourism in Namibia (2016 - 2018); Lucia Bird, Ministry of Finance in Ghana (2016 - 2018).