About Fellows

Oxford Policy Fellows have the unique opportunity of working as an embedded technical advisor in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) governments. Fellows are employed directly by government ministries and work alongside local counterparts. Each Fellow has a terms of reference which is tailored to meet the specific country context. The Fellowship provides an exceptional opportunity for Fellows to acquire a comprehensive understanding of how an LMIC government ministry works in practice.

Who are Oxford Policy Fellows?

Oxford Policy Fellows are high-calibre lawyers with an exceptional skill set. The Fellows have a strong academic track-record, with most of them holding master’s degrees in law or a related field. While all Fellows have legal experience, the nature of their experience is diverse. Some have worked in law firms, while others have a background in consultancy or the public sector. Similarly, the legal specialisation ranges, for example, from trade law, infrastructure to public-private partnerships.

Working in another country in a high-pressure environment requires a plethora of soft skills such as: interpersonal skills, resilience, flexibility and an ability to solve problems. These skills help Fellows to adapt to a dynamic environment and to foster trusting relationships with government colleagues.

To date, OPF’s 30 Fellows have come from 12 different countries from around the world. Nearly 60 per cent of them from LMICs.

Watch this video to see how Fellows describe a successful Fellow.


What does a Fellow do?

Here are some examples of what Fellows do:

  • Draft, review and comment on contracts and Memoranda of Understanding
  • Draft and review legislation and policy
  • Coordinate and participate in negotiations
  • Advise on legal and policy issues
  • Carry out research
  • Represent and present on behalf of their Ministry in various fora
  • Coordinate and manage projects
  • Carry out administrative tasks
  • Facilitate capacity building initiatives


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