The Team

Developed by Oxford Policy Management (OPM), the Fellowship aims to improve policy outcomes for low income countries by providing governments with a source of specialist international expertise.

The core Fellowship team is comprised of the Executive Director, Director, Programme Manager, Programme Coordinator and a part-time MEL team. The team benefits from expert inputs from across OPM’s business operations.


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Mark Henstridge

Executive Director

Mark Henstridge is Executive Director of the Oxford Policy Fellowship. He provides strategic advice to the Fellowship programme team. He is also Chief Economist at Oxford Policy Management, where he is responsible for setting the direction of the firm’s work in development economics.

Kari Lipschutz Selander


Kari Lipschutz is the Programme Director of the Oxford Policy Fellowship. She is responsible for strategic planning and fundraising for the programme. Kari is also the Director of OPM's United States office. Her sectoral and methodological interests are in political economy programming, natural resource governance, and aspects of law and development programming.

Luisa Doughty

Programme Manager

Luisa Doughty is the Fellowship’s Programme Manager. She is responsible for the delivery of the Fellowship, and takes the lead on recruitment and pastoral care of the Fellows as well as government engagement. Luisa is highly experienced in programme delivery, having supported numerous large projects at OPM and previously. She previously worked in ecology and biodiversity conservation.

Jodie Elms

Jodie is the Fellowship's Programme Coordinator. She supports the running of the programme, particularly the logistics and financial management. Jodie assists the Programme Manager in the recruitment of new Fellows, in the delivery of the pre-deployment training to new Fellows and in supporting Fellows whilst in post. She is experienced in project support and has previously worked in tech project coordination.