About the Programme

The Oxford Policy Fellowship supports governments in overcoming the unique issues they face, by providing them with demand-led technical assistance.

We source high performing early-career advisors to work within current government systems and processes for two years so that their work contributes to ongoing policymaking, rather than creating parallel structures for getting things done.

By providing governments with key support that they themselves have defined and requested, we deliver sustainable and locally-owned development impact. We are also developing a community of practice of government practitioners working at the interface of law and public policy, promoting a culture of knowledge sharing and learning across governments and the wider community.

The programme has three key objectives:

  • To provide governments with outstanding early-career advisors, where there is a need for additional capacity.
  • To create a community of practice of law and policy practitioners across governments.
  • To foster a culture of learning through our innovative monitoring and evaluation framework.

The Oxford Policy Fellowship also provides transformative career opportunities for professionals who are passionate about development.

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